Monday, May 14, 2012

Counter Strike Map De_Righttown for CS 1.6 and CZ

Preview of Counter Strike map De_Righttown(click to enlarge)

Counter Strike Map De_Righttown for Condition Zero

Counter Strike Map De_Righttown for Counter Strike 1.6

Righttown - Bomb Defuse

-Level Design by David 'DaveJ' Johnston
-Original skybox by Valve, recolor by
-WAD Texture by Sandicode & CSPB
-Screenshot for Texture by Hessho & Ridwan
-Mapping & compile by
-Sounds by Zeppeto
Not willing to tell the whereabouts of Free Rebels, the mayor has been killed by CT-Force.
The Free Rebels want to wrench their wrath upon the CT Force's patrol vehicle and their power station.

CT-Force: Defend the two bombing target or eliminate all Free Rebels!
Free Rebels: Detonate C4 or eliminate the whole CT-Force troops!

Download de_righttown map for Counter Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero

Watch the video preview of Cs_Righttown on Youtube

Thanks for NOT reuploading this map.